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Xiamen Software Park Fliport Hotel is a high-end business conference hotel under the Xiamen Xiangye Group. The hotel has a variety of innovative rooms, 3 Chinese and Western restaurants, two pillarless gorgeous multi-functional halls of nearly 1,000 square meters and 14 uniquely designed conference rooms, as well as matching gyms, outdoor swimming pools and occupants. 25,000 square meters of subtropical style garden.
The hotel launched a '24-hour check-out privilege', the nation's first aviation special service: Guests staying in business / VIP rooms can wait in the airport lobby of Baixiang Hotel in Xiamen Airport and use the airport VIP security fast-track Channel B); When staying in other room types, you can enjoy the airport VIP security fast-track (A / B channel) and first-class waiting room, bringing more flexibility and convenience to the itinerary.

[24-hour check-out], that is, guests who check in from 6 to 14:00 can check out late until 14:00; guests who check in after 14:00 will only be charged for one day as long as they are not more than 24 hours.
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  • ileana0405
    Distance is close to the Convention Center location
  • e04480630
    This is the oldest hotel? environment is also very old, something broken unable to ridicule
  • MISS monkeys
    Facilities, environment, appearance, service is good, I often lived out.
  • ibluebell
    Hotel, polite and thoughtful service, breakfast was slightly disappointing, otherwise OK
  • ameng131
    Hotel is near the software Park, if work at the software Park, this hotel is preferred. hotel garden park is a good place for walking and software. small restaurants around the hotel is also very convenient, highly recommended!
  • e00675700
    Nice, breakfast is very rich, with family, and overall satisfaction
  • wss12345
    Very good hotel, WINS high price, everything was very good.
  • aegeansee
    Fast and convenient, as always
  • libby
    Fantasy is good
  • aganone
    Breakfast very good
  • med_user
    Many times live, in front of the software Park, more convenient.
  • cjandfx
    In Xiamen, lived such a good hotel was hard to find such prices, service, as always, good buffet environment did not have to say, in short, entertaining friends, traveling living was a good choice!
  • dew_604_2001
    Ah! yes yes, began in the old.
  • ceciliatian
    Nice service and good next time we will stay
  • debora0515
    Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good
  • fuliwuguan
    Environment is good, and VIP lounge at the airport.
  • juliana
    Five-star standards, and limousine, very good
  • jasmine0713
    Very clean and service was good
  • lynnxie
    In whole or in
  • paveld
    Nice breakfast can also, facilities quite new, very comfortable
  • luren66
    Environment and service. the ointment is twin bed only 1.2 metres, compared to 1.35 metres bed is slightly smaller many five star hotels.
  • foxivlnl
    Love-big rooms-clean and bed very comfortable
  • malus
    Each into island will live Bai Cheung. Concierge service is thoughtful, live has two late, room has screen of greeting language, and has fruit gift, breakfast is rich, various local of food, network scheduled site requirements room upgrade, front desk service personnel also super patience replacement room type, hotel traffic is convenience, away from million up shopping square is near, taxi to Swiss King or jiazhou also is convenient. to airport has bus sent machine, go VIP VIP channel. is has distinguished business style. hotel not is new, but service hasUpgrade. living comfortable.
  • cao9369
    High performance-price ratio
  • cjj111709
    Main accommodation experience.
  • April Yang Yang
    Hotel of supporting and service are is very good of, set has VIP big bed smoke-free room, arrived in hotel was honest of told smoke-free room full, service personnel try with to a pieces smoking room do has smoke-free processing Hou and let I to has room personally acceptance. later I personal is think psychological obstacles, decided added fill costs modified live administrative room, service personnel directly to upgrade has room and no added received any costs, details reflected service! self dinner good, and customer with scheduled has four bit, eat of is discoveryFast ... only drawback, the hotel's interior is slightly older.
  • cymivy85
    Room is good overall, has been recruited, with satisfactory
  • fionlsa
    Very good hotel, facilities, service is good, that is some distance away from the city, go to a software Park is convenient, not far from the Park, Xiamen is a good place.
  • Calvin Wu
    Often, mainly nothing around the hotel nice
  • expo2010xx
    Service attentive, room facilities. many kinds of breakfast, you can have a number of options. convenient and quiet, whether for business or tourism, are suitable for accommodation
  • babobu
    Soft Beds, Breakfast pretty much good, a little bit pricy, but could use some renovation. I would turn to another option before coming here.
  • sslnraf
    Overall felt good.
  • jiangg
    Everything was good, very good
  • a11222
    Very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good very good v
  • fbiico
    Hotel is nice, travel you can choose!
  • lonely
    Total can also be
  • e01013918
    Room was old
  • e01092949
    ? Good hotel atmosphere, melodious sound of the piano, is a restaurant with pretty girls in live performance, felt restaurant area is very big and open, the environment particularly well. like restaurants outside of the swimming pool and garden, dining in such circumstances really good breakfast!
  • tmts520
    Fujian lose weight lose weight weight loss weight loss that you worry about
  • jolin0816
    Good location for business in the area but also with good services and nice staff. To come back!
  • xubadou
    All right
  • Gary2008
    This with family to Xiamen tourism, this is in Xiamen live of last a late, than up first days of gulangyu and yesterday of had CUO Ann, staying Bai Cheung is most comfortable of. bed enough big, is soft is comfortable, bathroom space also is big, focus is ware bathtub are is clean, shiny shiny of. towards software Park Park, environment quiet, and family a sleep sleep to dawn, spirit raised of Rod Rod da-breakfast is unexpectedly of rich, food material fresh, eat have is satisfaction. eat full full to Hou garden turnedA circle, swimming pool very good Oh! rare hotel has so big of Hou garden, air fresh. not far of place is million up square, in million up shopping Shopping, eat finished lunch, on prepared retreat's. check out Qian let luggage health called a car, check out Hou car has in door, 's, to airport way smooth, not to 20 minutes on to has, General is satisfaction this trip, for this travel painting Shang perfect of period-looks forward to next again back ^ _ ^
  • joice27
    It's not bad
  • GBB001
    Family Suite is very practical, good service, buffet hot ... surrounding privacy, rent a car, holiday, come back to hotel parking is convenient, next time will come.
  • adunfen
    Very good hotel, WINS high price, everything was very good.
  • MCF2010
    As always, good
  • jessica_921
    Very good
  • alanjs
    Environment, location was good, service was good.
  • Jeanniea
    Environment is good, and VIP lounge at the airport.
  • e00226194
    Very good, highly recommended, good environment, good service, and live every time you come here.